Rocket League Developers ‘Crosses Fingers’ For Switch Release

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Rocket League is a major indie title that took off on PC and PS4 in the past and currently is a very successful release. Offering a fun take on soccer through race cars, it’s a game many love to play to this day. People were asking the studio if they would consider bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch, as it’s portable element could offer some great mobile multiplayer action.

“We are excited as you are regarding the release of Nintendo Switch however, we don’t have enough information at this time if it will happen. For the mean time, let’s both keep our fingers crossed that it will. For all the latest information on upcoming releases, updates, and other news, please visit the Rocket League Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!”

Seems that Nintendo didn’t contact the developers yet, which is a shame. Hopefully the game can make a Switch release after the platform’s launch. By that point, Nintendo should be more open to sending out development kits to different studios.
Source: My Nintendo News

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