Tantalus Headling Switch Ports for Rime and Sonic Mania

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The studio Tantalus is known for producing high quality ports of various games. They are known for great work on the Nintendo Wii U, producing ports for Deus Ex Human Evolution and a remaster for Twilight Princess. Recently they came out and asked what games would fans like them to work on next. Thankfully, it seems that the studio not only got access to Nintendo Switch development kits but are already hard at work on ports to the console.
It’s confirmed they will be developing the port of Sonic Mania on the Switch but bigger news is that they will be helping get the promising title Rime ready for the Switch in May 2017.

The Nintendo Switch version is being developed by Tantalus, the studio behind the HD version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. We worked side by side with them to ensure the Nintendo Switch version is absolutely true to the original vision we have for RiME, and they are doing a terrific work indeed! We are really enthusiastic about Nintendo Switch and we are immensely happy about releasing RiME on that console, but it’s too early to discuss future developments. Let’s finish RiME first! 🙂
There is still a lot of development to take into consideration, but we’re working hard to get the Nintendo Switch version ready for release at the same time as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC versions in May. We’ll have more info to share in the months to come.

If Nintendo fans were worried that the port might not be a good one, it’s great hearing the above statement; ensures that Rime will be a quality release on Nintendo’s new console.
Source: IGN

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