Nostalgia Critic: Disneycember 2016 – Disney Sequels & TV Pilots

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Disney is famous for producing quality movies and films over the years, but many also remember seeing the odd Disney sequel pop up sometimes on your VHS shelf that your parent got you. Disney produced many of them and in honor of past years, Doug Walker had another round of an event called ‘Disneycember’. This is a yearly tradition where he takes a look across various Disney films.
Past years focused on the mainline Disney animated films, Pixar’s various works, and live-action productions. In 2016, Doug focused on the Disney sequels and the end result? It was work I greatly enjoyed watching. He covers films like Return of JafarTinker Bell, Lilo & Stitch 2 and many more. While I don’t fully agree with the comments he gives to some movies, he brings up interesting points that made me consider going back and rewatching some of these films myself.
Highly recommend watching the over 30+ videos I linked above and consider watching his other Disneycember videos which you can find by clicking the following link. 

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