PlayStation 4 Pro – Boost Mode Results For ‘Evil Within’

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Sony is releasing a new update for the PS4 Pro that enables something called ‘Boost Mode’. This will enable the PS4 Pro to use it’s higher power-levels to overclock games that aren’t Pro supported. What does this mean? Well, it more or less forces the Non-Native Pro game to use the stronger hardware resulting in higher frame rates and other such features.
While many examples are springing up, I will be posting articles about specific games based on footage released as there are going to be a lot of games being tested to support the new features. The first game we will be talking about in relation to this ‘Boost Mode’ is Evil Within.

There was a little difference of loading time. I exchanged PS4’s storage(SSHD). The loading time obviously shortened in boost mode.

Basically, the main difference is that loading times are lower compared to standard PS4’s and I could likely see the frame rate getting improved as well. One of the few examples of Boost Mode not adding much but still nice seeing the game using the feature somehow. I will be posting articles about the Boost Mode as more video footage comes out. The video footage for ‘Evil Within’ comes from YouTube user Noel Underson.

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