SEGA Promises Sonic News in March: Project 2017 or Sonic Mania Related?

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Sonic Stream: “We Will Have More News In The Next Month Related To What’s Coming Next”
Sonic is getting a lot of attention this year, with both Sonic Mania and Sonic Project 2017 releasing across various platforms alongside Sonic Boom Season 2 still running and the Blue Blur rolling across Lego planes in LEGO Dimensions since Fall 2016.
But we will be learning more about Sonic’s upcoming titles (Mania & Project 2017) in March hopefully, as SEGA stated during a live stream that news on Sonic games will be coming next month. Considering the live stream happened Feb. 2th, this means the news will release in March.

I could guess a few things happening in relation to this news:

  • Sonic Mania Release Date + New Zone Information being detailed
  • Project 2017 Gameplay Video Releases
  • Sonic-Themed Event Announced where future information is detailed
  • New Sonic Mini-Figure Joining LEGO Dimensions Maybe?

We will see for sure in March but it’s great knowing Sonic will be getting major news released in the coming weeks.
Source: TSSZ News

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