Persona Survey from Atlus JP Releases – Cites Possible Remakes and Spin-Offs

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Persona is a huge franchise for Atlus and SEGA, with it being very successful as noted by Persona 5’s resounding success in Japan across PS3 & PS4. But with the games inbound western release, many are wondering the future of the series. It’s not stranger to remakes like Persona 4 Golden or spin-offs like Persona 4 Arena, so seeing Persona 5 get that treatment would be very interesting.
Atlus knows people love the series spin-offs so they asked the JP players what future Persona games they would want. The full list of questions can be found on Persona Central but they include suggestions for possible titles like a Persona 3 Remake and Persona 5 Spin-Offs. This is quite interesting, as they could be entering development right now or started early stages of development last Fall due to Persona 5 finishing development (with localization work wrapping up hopefully soon).
I would love a fighting game using Persona 5 characters and a full remake of Persona 3 would be amazing personally. What would you like to happen in the future for the Persona series? Let us know in the comments below!

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