The Gaming Historian – K.C. Munchkin: Atari vs. Philips

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Gaming Historian discusses the history of K.C. Munchkin, a Pac-Man clone that set off a groundbreaking legal battle. Atari’s court battle against Philips would provide the groundwork for how copyright laws apply to video games.

Video games and copyright are a tricky business, as when the industry started it’s humble origins on consoles back in the 80’s, rules were in place but they were based upon other mediums. Meaning that elements like gameplay mechanics and overall design were not considered when establishing copyright. This sparked a big battle between console makers Atari and Philips back in the day and it resulted in a major history event happening in gaming history.
The Gaming Historian goes back in time to explain the important origins of how copyright laws were applied to the video game medium. I really enjoyed this video and I highly recommend you all give it a watch!

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