Bombergirl: Arcade-Exclusive New Take on ‘Bomberman’ Series, Gameplay Released

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Bomberman isn’t a stranger to being shifted and changed in adapting to new markets/platforms. It’s a series timeless and ever evolving, but one direction the series never went in was anime-looking girls blowing each other up. Well, despite not many asking for this take on Bomberman, Konami answered and gave us Bombergirls for Arcade release in Japan.
You can see gameplay of the title above this text but it’s odd to be honest. The game still appears to play like past Bomberman games but with EXP icons on the map and different weapons you can use outside of bombs, it seems to be a different take on the established formula in the series. We will continue reporting on this title as further information comes out.
If this game announcement upsets you, know that Konami has a traditional game in the series coming out at the Switch launch thanks to Nintendo-backed support, so the series isn’t going the Silent Hill/Castlevania route (where it got a new ‘game’ in Pachinko and not a original console release).

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