Final Fantasy XV – Spring 2017 Update Trailer

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Final Fantasy XV released last holiday on the PS4 and Xbox One, with publisher Square Enix promising to continue supporting the game through free and paid updates. Promises include DLC chapters that let you play as Noctis’ party members in solo-adventures and free updates that add new content to the base game. It seems promising and encouraging that Square is going to support it’s single player mamoth with content all year long…..but how this new content look?
Well Square Enix has the answer to that question! Releasing a special trailer recently, it shows off content released in January 2017 alongside upcoming content from February all the way to Summer of this year. It looks great and we will cover this content when it releases. Very interested in the party member DLC personally, as one of the highlights of FFXV was Noctis interacting with his buddies. Learning more about them could be very promising and lead to powerful stories we can experience.

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