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Sonic has had his fair share of arcade adventures and a few of them were exclusive to Japanese marketplaces. One such game was SegaSonic Popcorn Shop where you play an arcade game while pop corn is being made. It is a charming little game and SonicWindBlue was able to capture footage of the title.

SegaSonic Popcorn Shop is an arcade vending machine released in 1993, exclusively in Japan. Created by Sega AM1 and released by Sega, it is a combination of a popcorn machine and a mini-game on Sega’s C-2 board, a hardware similar to the one on the Sega Genesis. The vending machine dispenses popcorn in one of three flavors: salted, butter or curry.
The small screen of the vending machine also features a mini-game, starring Sonic and Tails, who assist in making popcorn while Dr. Eggman tries to ruin the event. While the mini-game is being played, the actual popcorn is being microwaved in a nearby compartment. Like in many early Sonic-related arcade games, Takeshi Kusao and Masaharu Satō provided the voices of Sonic and Dr. Eggman.

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