[RUMOR] – NES Classic Mini Ceases Production in Nordic Countries

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While evidence is present indicating this IS happening, I listed this story as a rumor due to information changing/being added to make the story false or altered. We will report more on this as the story develops but please don’t take this as Nintendo ceasing production of NES Classic Mini worldwide. Wait for an official statement from Nintendo before you start thinking that. You can read the full story below. 

NES Classic Mini is a small console that has a large demand. Many want one for it’s low price, retro appeal and collection of classic NES games built within it. But if you live in a Nordic location, it might be ending production soon. Reported on NeoGaf by Roarer (who works at retail chains within Nordic Countries), he stated the following.

We just got word from Nintendo (or rather, their Nordic distributor Bergsala) that the NES Classic Mini has reached its end of life and will be phased out. According to them production has ended and we will be receiving a few more shipments before everything dries up.By our estimates, we (as a single retailer) might not be able to fulfill all orders that have been placed so far. Our last shipment should arrive in April or May, and after that there won’t be any more shipments.
I have heard from other retailers that they’ve received the same information. Some of them are emailing customers to tell them that their order might be cancelled; for example: https://www.minhembio.com/forum/inde…9312&p=4411297. This all seems insane and I can’t really understand what Nintendo is thinking.

He also made two updates to his post as well.

EDIT:  Norwegian retailer confirming this: https://www.facebook.com/spillsjappa…47404862008627
EDIT2: Yes this could apply just to the Nordic countries. We got word from Bergsala, the general distributor for the Nordic countries. They said nothing about the worldwide situation, of course. Not sure why the Nordic market would be singled out like this though.

What this could mean is that the NES Classic Mini might become a rarer item in some locations around the world and the fact that Nintendo could end production in other locations worldwide later in the year. Granted that likely won’t happen but with production ceasing in one major location, it could happen to other places as well.
Source: NeoGaf

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