Digital Foundry – PS4 Boost Mode Tested

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We reported on a few games running with PS4 Boost Mode enabled but the tech team at Digital Foundry got around to discussing this new feature for the PS4 Pro. How does it work and just how fast is it for various games? Digital Foundry finds out through the above video!

Go here for more tests including The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, the Souls games and Arkham Knight:…
John sits down with the new Boost Mode feature included in the beta version of the PS4 4.50 firmware update. How does this feature take advantage of PS4 Pro and what does it mean for unpatched games? We explore all this and more within.

It’s great to see PS4 Pro getting further support though this mode and if you own the console, I highly recommend you watch Digital Foundry’s content for more updates on the console and it’s software.

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