Nicalis Possibly Hints a Physical Switch Release for ‘Cave Story’

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Cave Story is one of the more iconic indie games out there. Having charming NES-esc graphics, quality chip-tune music and gameplay mechanics the blend elements from the best games of that time period; Cave Story is an indie gem. 
News about it landing on the Nintendo Switch came out in recent weeks and publisher Nicalis released the tweet hinting at a possible retail version of Cave Story coming out on the Switch. 
Bending of Issac is confirmed for a retail release on Switch, so other smaller productions getting retail runs could be a common occurrence on the Nintendo Switch. With programs like Limited Run Games having such success courting indie titles to get retail versions of their releases, we could start seeing a wave of indie retail releases for Switch versions of various games.
We will see what happens but as this story develops, expect 3WIREL to report on it. Stay tuned for further information.

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