Nitro Rad: Kao the Kangaroo – Round 2 (Video)

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3D Platformers are quite interesting, as there are a few that many don’t know about but are still decent experiences. A little known series known as ‘Kao the Kangaroo’ released originally on the Dreamcast but later got a sequel called ‘Round 2’. It released on the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation Portable (via ‘Kao Challengers’) setting out to offer a more rewarding experience over the original game.
Nitro Rad, a YouTube content creator known for giving attention to platformers of all kinds, is currently having a marathon for the Kao series. The latest video is his review for Kao 2 and you can watch it above this text. Watching it was a great experience and showed me a franchise I honestly never even heard about before.

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