Unreal Engine: 4.15 Update Release for Nintendo Switch Support

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Nintendo is releasing the Nintendo Switch soon and one of it’s more promising features is support for modern development engines. One such engine includes Unreal Engine 4, which is powering many titles coming to the system. To help further the support of the engine, a recent build of UE4 released specifying Switch support.

Epic Games has released a new update for its Unreal Engine, which adds official support for Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console. While the Japanese gamemaker has been working with the popular developmental engine for some time now, this patch makes things official, and means that we should see a number of UE4 games on the Switch in the future.
One of the biggest problems with Nintendo’s Wii U console was its lack of third-party support, so getting a popular engine like Unreal Engine working well on the next-gen system is a smart move. It also comes at a time when Japanese developers appear to be catching up with the West in learning how to best utilize the Unreal Engine, so it is expected to see much greater adoption among Eastern studios.

This is a big deal and the update being public versions of UE4 can ensure more support for Switch will be happening.
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