Nintendo 64 Anthology Book Releasing at Funstock Retro for 44 Euros

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Displaying Literature based on video game is something always promising, as it shares some insight onto different aspects of the industries history. Reading about the grand battle between Nintendo and SEGA, learning about the origins of Nintendo as a games publisher/developer and even seeing the Blue Blur venture off into his own comic book series; it is just another avenue in respect and love for gaming can be found.

The Nintendo 64 Anthology is the book made for a generation of 90’s gamers.
Written by Matt Manent, it provides the most comprehensive look at the much-loved Nintendo 64. Cramming in over 400 pages of facts, game reviews and interviews, it also tells the console’s story – chronicling it’s seven-year journey from development right through to it finally being retired.
What’s included:
All 388 games reviewed – including detailed information such as each title’s release date, developer, publisher, genre, rarity, and a rating out of five (includes full-page reviews of all the classics like GoldenEye, Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie!).
A huge array of content spanning cancelled games, accessories, collectors editions, and, of course, every Nintendo 64 version and bundle.
Interviews with the people involved at the time: Martin Hollis (Rare – GoldenEye) and Eric Caen (Titus – Superman; acknowledged as one of the machine’s worst games)
A collector’s guide section outlining all the games released in each territory (Japan, North America, Europe, and Australia) alongside checkboxes for collectors to mark the games they own and those they don’t.

A massive book on the history of the Nintendo 64 is being produced and as you can read above, it will feature a wealth of content. I highly recommend you check this out, more so if you love gaming history or the Nintendo 64 era of gaming.

General Manager of, Andy Pearson said:
“For those who grew up playing on the N64, this book is the ultimate gift. Covering every aspect of the console, from its games right through to its hardware, it has been assembled with all the care and attention you’d hope for as a fan. It’s the perfect addition to any N64 collection.”
The Nintendo 64 Anthology book is available to pre-order exclusively at Europe’s Number One Retro Gaming Destination, now at just £44.99 here!

Source: Funstock Retro Press Release

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