Final Fantasy VII Remake: Two New Screenshots and Possibly Gameplay Coming Soon

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is a title slowly taking the place of releases like Final Fantasy XV where it was announced awhile back and many have doubts about it releasing within the next year or so. But Square Enix released some news about FFVII Remake through a few gameplay screenshots. They indicate a cover system will be present to avoid taking damage, a Kingdom Hearts-style command system where you can switch between command menus (shown through the L1/R1 icons) and the menus from FFVII PS1 being present on the right-side of the screen.

The game looks good honestly, with visual effects popping off the screen and the presentation appearing quite polished. My personal gripe isn’t even about the game at all, but the development surrounding it; many are doubtful that it will see release in 2017. But to make fans feel better, the game might be further along than many realize.

Nomura says the environment will be partly destructible. Allies won’t take damage from grenades. He wanted to show a video today but Square Enix refused.

If gameplay is ready to be shown, then the game is making progress. Hopefully we will see more of the game in action around E3 and other events throughout 2017.
Source: NeoGaf

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