Is The Lion King (Genesis/Super Nintendo) Still Good? – IMPLANTgames

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2D Platformers based on feature films aren’t anything new, as the 16-Bit Era was flooded with them. Disney was the king with this. They had talented developers working on projects like Aladdin (Capcom & Virgin Interactive) for the Super Nintendo and Genesis, games based off TV shows (Goof Troop, Ducktails, Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck) developed by Capcom and many more.
One such platform was Virgin Interactive’s The Lion King for the SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo. Does this game hold up today? YouTube user implantgames released a video (which you can watch above this text) answering this question. I wanted to make a post about this video due to not only enjoying his content but also from how in-depth he is when talking about the game’s history and reception.

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