NeiR Music Coming to Final Fantasy XV

NieR is infamous for not only being an odd little game, but also having a wonderful soundtrack. Many of it’s tracks are iconic to the title and are fondly remembered to this day. With the release of a new update for Final Fantasy XV, a surprise NeiR collaboration is hidden away in the games music. Similar to other music you can listen to when driving across the landscapes, you can play some NeiR music as well now.

Fans will have the chance to grab some NieR music for the car radio and music player including “Song of the Ancients/Fate” and “Weight of the World.”

While this isn’t a massive selection of music from the NeiR series, it’s great seeing the game represented in one of Square Enix’s largest releases. NeiR Automata is releasing soon for the PS4, so stay tuned for further updates on that title.

Source: Nova Crystallis 

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