Arlo – Switch: The Soft(ish) Launch

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Nintendo is launching the Switch with a limited line-up of launch software (which we detailed in the past) but it might be because the console maker is playing the long game. YouTuber Arlo ponders the idea that the Switch might be a soft launch, which is defined as a gradual roll-out until everything is ready to release at a later time frame.
With the Nintendo Switch, Arlo discusses why the system fits with that description in the above video. After watching it, I agree with him in a few areas. By the end of 2017, we will see the release of major pillar releases that normally define a Nintendo system (3D Zelda, 3D Mario, Mario Kart) all within a single year. In addition, paid online isn’t launching until this fall and we are getting a gradual release of software instead of a bunch at once and months of game drought (hopefully).
We will see what happens but I enjoyed this video for bringing up a topic that is worth discussing regarding the Switch’s 2017 plans.

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