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Media gets lost often sadly, through either not being shown often enough or data outright being corrupted to prevent re-releasing it again. Television movies are nothing new and networks like Disney and Nickelodeon have created them for years. But one movie Nick released called Cry Baby Lane was only shown once before never being seen again.

While the television channel Nickelodeon is mainly known for their cartoons such as Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, and Rugrats, they’ve also done their fair share of made for TV movies. One of them that mysteriously went missing was a horror film called Cry Baby Lane.

The YouTube channel TheGamerFromMars dives into the lore and mystery behind this lost Direct-To-TV film. I enjoyed learning about this movie and the end of the video has an answer as to what happened to the film today. Highly recommend you give this a watch if you want to learn a bit about lost media and a spooky film.

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