Tribute Song for Breath of the Wild – PeanutButterGamer, Garrett Williamson, Yungtown

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is releasing in just a week and there is a lot to discuss for the title. Previews for the game, how it runs across platforms and more are being reported on currently but a fan project released recently that really impressed me.
Infamous YouTube Content Creators came together to create a very impressive music video to celebrate the Zelda franchise and upcoming launch for Breath of the Wild. Full credits can be found below, but I highly recommend you check the music video out (which is above this text).

Download the song! ►
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Tribute Song – Open Your Eyes
Garrett Williamson –
Yungtown –
– Garrett Williamson – Producer, vocals, songwriting, drums, piano, additional programming, mixing, mastering, video editing
– Austin “PeanutButterGamer” Hargave – Vocals, songwriting, video concept
– Luke “Yungtown” Sizemore – Rapping, songwriting, video concept
– Chase Weimer – Bass and cinematography
– Addison Bean – Guitars
– Joshua Taipale – String arrangement
– Michaela Nachtigall – Violin and viola
– Michael Evans – Cello
– Tracie Owens – Zelda voice
– Jonathan Stout – Cinematography
– Todd Schlickbernd – Cinematography
– David Gerlach – Cinematography
– Aaron Lanegan – Drone cinematography
– Chloe Graham – Album artwork
– SK (Nicholas Yee) Jynx – Album artwork touchup
– BotW footage – Nintendo, GameXplain
– Special thanks to: Dion Anderson, Sam O’Heron, Tracie Owens, Scott Williamson

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