The Complete History of Bomberman by @scully1888

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Bomberman is a gaming icon and in recent years the bomber has resided on mobile platforms. With publisher Konami having some bad blood with gamers in the past, many didn’t expect a new Bomberman game to even happen. To the shock of many, one IS coming out and it’s happening quite soon through Super Bomberman R for Nintendo’s upcoming platform the Switch.

Hitting launch alongside games like 1-2 Switch, Fast RMX, and Breath of the Wild…’s great seeing the character back again. To celebrate this great moment, writer Chris Scullion wrote a lengthy post detailing the entire history of the character. 

In just a few days, the Nintendo Switch will finally be released. It’s an exciting time for many gamers, because the launch of new hardware is always a thrill.

But it’s also an exciting and nerve-wracking time for a group of gamers who have had a rough time of it in recent years: Bomberman fans. On the same day the Switch launches, Super Bomberman R will be sitting on the shelves alongside it. It will be the first new physical, boxed Bomberman game to appear in stores in more than eight years.

For people my age (30 and up if you must know, you cheeky prick), Bomberman is one of the classic video games series. These days when you think of big, popular multiplayer games you think of Call Of Duty, Destiny, Overwatch and FIFA. In the early ‘90s, it was Bomberman.

Because it’s been nearly a decade since the last retail Bomberman release – and because even then it wasn’t really as popular as it had been – there’s a generation of gamers who aren’t too familiar with the series as a whole.

I really enjoy reading the full piece by  Chris Scullion and I learned a lot about a franchise I personally don’t know much about outside of respecting it’s long legacy. You can read the full article by clicking the following link, and I highly recommend you do so. 

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