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During the PS3 and 360 generation, the Command & Conquer series was getting more popular. Getting releases on PC and consoles alike with quality releases, many wanted to see the series continue. Eletronic Arts saw the success of first person shooters and wanted see if you can blend strategy elements within FPS mechanics. So the project Tiberium was put into development for the PS3/360/PC and was set within the Command & Conquer world.

It was sadly scrapped however and today, YouTube content creator GVMERS explores the history and sad demise of a promising title.

 The Command & Conquer series is one of the most successful real-time strategy franchises of all time. From the original “Tiberium” games to the Red Alert spin-offs, the Generals entries, and beyond, the series has consistently produced some of the most exciting RTS experiences available, with a focus on intense action sequences supported by light base-building and resource-gathering elements.

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