Super Eyepatch Wolf – Why You Should Watch ‘Samurai Jack’

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Cartoon Network has produced amazing shows over the years. But one show that heavily sticks out from the rest of it’s line up is the series Samurai Jack. Focusing on offering a more serious tone and more somber atmosphere compared to other shows on the network, Jack cut his way into the hearts of many viewers. We wanted to see him return to the past and save the world, but the show didn’t get a proper ending.
This was finally rectified with the announcement that Adult Swim would commission one final season for the show to wrap up any lose ends. To celebrate it’s upcoming release, content creator Super Eyepatch Wolf released a lengthy video (which you can find above this text) that explains why the show is so strong.
I loved watching this show growing up and many of the points Super Eyepatch Wolf brings up in his video line up with my own thoughts; the art direction and great cast of characters helps the show become a one of a kind experience.

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