Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming to Nintendo Switch

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For those who just couldn’t handle the idea of waiting any further for a confirmation to have Bloodstained on the go on Nintendo’s ecosystem, look no further than the Switch confirmation obtained by Brian at Nintendo Everything. It has been revealed that the game is coming to the Switch via Nintendo’s European News feed that is viewable on the Switch hybrid itself. It was originally coming to the Wii U, but as we all know, the title won’t come until 2018, increasing the possibility of not being able to get the title on Wii U when it releases on other platforms.

You can see Bloodstained’s logo in the second to last column below, towards the middle. The graphic is similar to what was sent out a few days ago following the Nindies Showcase, but Bloodstained’s inclusion is new here.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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