Nintendo Files Declaration of Use for Metroid: Other M Trademark – Sequel or Switch VC Release?

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Nintendo is infamous for it’s poor handling of the Metroid franchise over the past few years with games like Other M and Federation Force not appealing to the fan base that loves the series. Take into account how one of the most anticipated fan productions using the Metroid IP was taken down as well…..the relationship between Nintendo and it’s fans regarding Metroid is sour to say the least.

In a move that is a bit surprising, the publisher recently filed a declaration for the usage of the ‘Metroid: Other M’ trademark. What does this mean? It could imply a few things.

  • The Nintendo Switch is getting Ports or Virtual Console support for Wii software
  • Other M is getting a sequel
  • Nintendo is just defending a trademark they have the legal right to own

The idea of a sequel to Other M is a bit…..odd to me personally, as Other M is one of the most devise games in the entire Metroid franchise. Regarding core gameplay and design, it’s a okay action title that could be better but the game’s story was one of the worst plots I had the displeasure of watching. I would be open to a sequel it they fix the issues of the original but the trademark likely means a port/VC release is coming to the Switch at one point.
We will report more as further information comes out.
Source: NeoGaf

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