Final Fantasy XV – March Update Trailer & Breakdown

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Final Fantasy XV is getting a huge update soon and it will be adding on to the ‘Chapter 13’ section of the game. New story scenes will be present, but how they will be added to the game is really interesting. One of them is giving gamers a ‘taste’ of the gameplay style of Gladiolus through a playable section in the chapter where you control him. It was a really nice surprise and joins the improved gameplay Noctis has when using the ring (he loses his weapons during this chapter of the game).
The first major piece of DLC (costing $4.99 on PSN/XBL) is Episode Gladiolus and will last about 2-3 hours in length but offers challenge mode and content you can access in the main game once you complete it. It details some backstory behind the titled character through a unique combat system not seen in the base game.
Both the major update and Episode Gladiolus are releasing soon, so keep an eye out if you loved FFXV!

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