Spider-Man: Homecoming – Trailer #2 (July 2017 Release)

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Marvel’s iconic wall-crawler is making his big screen return with Spider-Man Homecoming produced by Sony and Marvel Studios. The film takes place after Captain America: Civil War where Tony Stark gives Peter Parker a upgraded suit. Now trying to further his career as a super hero, he faces many challenges, with one being fighting a major villain on his own.
What makes this trailer so interesting, is that it covers more serious elements to the story. Peter and Tony fighting with each other, Peter making his own suit later in the film and implications that Peter has direct conversations with the films major villain all indicate a story that balances humor and drama. Early trailers made the film look more comedic but this latest one helps show that the film will have more serious moments when the time calls for them.
It’s releasing July of 2017 and we will have more information as further details come out.

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