Remake or Rebreak (ExoParadigmGamer) – Super Mario 64 vs. SM64 DS

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Remakes are a tricky thing to get right, as they most of the time, fully re-create the source game and add a lot to it. Sometimes this works out great but other times it makes the original game worse. Mario 64 was put in a very odd situation regarding this, as it got a remake for the Nintendo DS launch back in 2004. The remake adds a lot of new content to the base game but due to different controls (no analog stick), it was a very many felt mixed on.
ExoParadigmGamer takes the time to dissect both versions of this iconic 3D platformer and discusses whenever the original version is still the best and whenever or not the DS version is a worthwhile addition to Mario 64’s legacy. I fondly remember beating Mario 64 DS when I first got my DS; 100% save file and all. I had a great time with the remake but learning more about both versions helps understand why each one is so special.

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