Rick & Morty Season 3 – Episode One Review/Impressions

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Rick and Morty is one of the most impressive shows on the Adult Swim line up as of late. It takes dark humor and wraps it up within enjoyable stories with great characters. The second season ended a while ago but now the third season is coming soon! But surprising everyone, Adult Swim aired the first episode of this latest season on April 1st in honor of April Fools Day.
Does Rick and Morty kick off the latest season in dark humor? Or does it fizzle out? Let’s grab our portal guns and find out! Word of warning; Season Two Finale spoilers will be mentioned

The episode begins with Rick talking with an alien part of the Galactic Federation, trying to learn about the origin of Rick’s dimension gun. All the while, Morty and his family are trying to live on a now-taken over Earth. Jerry is quite happy while the rest of the family feels differently about the situation. Morty is fed up with Rick while Beth and Summer feel sad they lost Rick. Summer can’t take it anymore and after finding a portal gun, she takes Morty to find Rick.
This episode felt great to watch, as Rick outsmarting the Galactic Federation and planning out his escape was really great to watch. It shows how smart and devious Rick can be, with the episode’s ending showing how vengeful Rick can be toward people that turn on him. Morty was fun to watch in this episode too, as he is at a point of his life where he’s fed up with Rick. He isn’t so willing to run after him like how Summer is, showing how even Morty can have a dark side.
Animation was impressive as well, with everything moving so smoothly while retaining the look from prior seasons. The fight scenes in the episode were great to watch, with one in particular being quite impressive. This episode is an overall great time and was a fantastic way not only to kick off the new season, but to also help close off lose plot points from Season Two.

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