(RUMOR) Sonic Runners Adventure (SEGA/Gameloft) – Next Mobile Game?

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Sonic has jumped, dash and ran across mobile phones for years now. With his dashing adventure being quite successful and his running jog having some trips, the blue blur has had quite the success on mobile. So it’s no surprise that another one might be coming out in the future. Reported by BlueParadox, it was discovered that a Russian Sonic News account on Twitter ‘leaked’ Sonic Runners: Adventure. 
Nothing else is known outside of it clearly being a sequel/successor to ‘Sonic Runners’ and it being co-developed between Gameloft & SEGA. They worked together in the past, so it’s not surprising that a talented mobile studio is working with SEGA on a mobile Sonic project. This a rumor, so it could easily be false. Do not treat this as an official announcement please. 

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