Star Wars: Battlefront II (EA) – Promotional Ad Leaked

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Star Wars Battlefront II is a game many likely expected to happen…and no, this ISN’T the Battlefront II from the PS2 and Xbox era. This Battlefront II is the sequel to 2015’s take on the franchise by EA and DICE. Many enjoyed the title but felt it was lacking in meaning full single player content. When the sequel got announced many were happy to hear that it will in-fact have a single player campaign. We just didn’t know what it would cover in the Star Wars mythos.
Thankfully, we get a clear idea now; it will take place during the timeline of the original Star Wars films (after Return of the Jedi) and you can see some of this in action through the above clip. It was leaked and will likely be taken down soon, but while it’s up, you can see in-engine footage of the game in action. We will report more as further information releases.
Source: NeoGaf

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