Sonic Boom (Sonic Synergy) Prototype Trailer Leaks

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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was a game many were confused by when it was first announced in early 2014. A Sonic adventure that focused less on the series trademark speed but pushing for combat with exploration elements. Called originally ‘Sonic Synergy’, the title was going to be releasing on the next-generation hardware before being pushed onto the Nintendo Wii U due to the SEGA/Nintendo Exclusivity deal.
But remember that trailer we all saw when the game was first announced and how it ran on high-end PC’s? Well, now we finally have a glimpse at what could have been. Today a trailer got leaked from a prototype build of the game, showing off polished version of the game in action. Combat and usage of the Enerbeam seemed to be far more dynamic, visuals looked like a big step up from the final game and overall it just looks more fun then the game we finally got.
I detailed a lot about the Boom Sub-Series in a lengthy article last year, but it’s a shame the final game of Rise of Lyric left people wanting more. It had potential and it could have been a new take on Sonic that complemented the games Sonic Team created. Sonic has a bright future ahead with projects like Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces though, so the Blue Blur is going to be quite busy in 2017.

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