Sonic Forces – Nintendo Direct Trailer

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Sonic Forces is going to launch later this year across Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. Considering this, the game had a major spot in the most recent Nintendo Direct with new information and footage. Classic Sonic gameplay got shown off for the first time and we learned about a third possible character joining the hedgehog duo across this new adventure. The Classic Sonic footage is very interesting, as he is back at Green Hill Zone.
Granted this could be a section of a larger level (kind of how the Modern Sonic footage indicates the opening act blends city and Seaside Hill-style designs together), but it’s clearly in the ‘past’. My bet is that similar to Generations, the game opens with you running through Green Hill/Emerald Hill Zone before being sucked into the dark future Sonic & friends are fighting. Level design is a bit worrying though, as it looked automated. Classic Sonic in Generations while feeling different, had the spirit of the Genesis game level design. While it could have been just a small clip, it’s worrying Classic Sonic appears to have very linear level design.
We know nothing about the third character, but it’s nice to get a hint at to what they offer. Either way, it’s great we are finally hearing more about Sonic Forces.

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