Sonic Forces – Classic Sonic Gameplay (Green Hill Zone) Footage

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So Sonic Forces is confirmed to have three gameplay styles, with two being known. Modern Sonic retaining the core gameplay we’ve seen since Unleashed and Generations while the Blue Blur’s Classic counter part is returning for some retro-action fun. A new style is also going to be present but we know nothing about that currently. We got a taste of Classic Sonic in Forces via recent Nintendo Direct. Today, SEGA of Europe released (what I assume based on the resolution and frame rate) direct-feed footage of the PS4/Xbox One/PC version of Forces with Classic Sonic running through Green Hill Zone.
The footage looks good visually and it mirrors the classic-look perfectly…but from this early footage I feel a bit worried. Level design doesn’t look that impressive and the placement of level objects (springs and speed boosters) doesn’t reflect on the level designs we saw in the Classic Stages in Generations. It still looks fun and little things seem to be improved; Sonic builds up speed when he rolls (unlike in Generations) and the less-busy presentation allows you to be more focused on the level itself.
Hopefully other Classic levels offer the vast paths and set-pieces we saw in the Classic Levels in Generations but we have to see what happens as we get closer to release. Stay tuned for further information.

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