Sonic Time Twisted (Overdrive Games) Released on PC – Fan Production Inspired by Classic Series

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Classic Sonic fun is great in 2017, with releases like Spark and upcoming games like Freedom Planet 2 & Sonic Mania scratching that high-speed platforming itch. But want some Classic Sonic action now while waiting for Mania? Then check out Sonic Time Twisted. Produced by Overbound Games and been in development for years at this point, it takes pages from Sonic 3&K in addition to Sonic CD to create a fun new classic-styled adventure.
Perfect physics, three playable characters, new special stages and even new elemental shields help this game stand out among the clustered crowd of quality fan productions within the Sonic series. A full review on this tittle will be releasing on 3WIREL in the coming week, so stay tuned for that and other information on Time Twisted soon. A link to the soundtrack and game itself can be found here. 

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