Sonic Mania – August 15th Release Confirmed & Pre-Order Trailer Live

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Sonic Mania is launching this summer but now we know when exactly. The SEGA Genesis inspired Sonic dash will be launching this August across all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch). To celebrate, SEGA released a visually breathtaking animation that oozes with style and charm infamous to Classic Sonic. It shows off an animation, implying that animated cut-scenes might find their way into the main game.
In addition, the trailer shows off what I think to be this games take on Stardust Speedway. It’s over run with plant life but the level design elements and speed boosters present look ripped right out of Sonic CD. We might learn more about the zone and the rumored City Zone at E3 this year, considering we are still ways away from Mania’s official launch.
If you pre-order it on PSN or Xbox Live, you get various avatars and themes based on Mania, so visit those storefronts if that stuff interests you. Price point is also live, with the game costing 19.99$.

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