Setting off the path to the vision

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  • [Apr 24, 2007] – We first published our first website as from the oldest one which is now 256 weeks (almost 5 years) and it was the first website for 3WIREL! (which was named three3) and it had included some of the yoga pictures and some cars and random pictures and some weird stuff , but these pages are now gone and the website is no more supported.
  • [2008] – We then discovered weebly that it is still so great that i went and created my first website there which now we can’t access the old account 🙁 it still has this left out:

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.It Will Be 15 Pages in this website Like Information, Upcoming, Manage, Login, Share, Games, News, Upcoming, Create, About, Help, Sitemap, Shortcuts, Popluars, Locate and More Pages Are Coming Soon…from
All other Brands/Content that is not owned by the Website owner is Reserved to their owners

  • [2009 – 2011] > – We created a new account because we couldn’t access the old account in weebly. then we started to add more stuff there and started to improve but we left the website for while until in early 2010, we started to change it and be active in it all until in mid 2011. We started to move to wordpress which is now this website 🙂 .
  • [2011 – 2012] We have now so many stuff and made many changes since 2011 but still continuing to improve and grow. Even with a domain/hosting change, at the same time, we moved from 3world.x10.MX to in 2012.
  • [2012 – 2015] 3WORLD! Logo has changed, in addition to new features such as points, topics, and the comeback of the traditional forums. With a new exclusive game coming soon too.
  • [2015 – 2016] 3WORLD! will be rebooted, retooled, and completely re-imagined into brand new website, along with a new name, called ‘3WIREL!‘, as a part of the 8th anniversary.
    • At this time, 3WIREL! may be scaled back for the purpose of preparing to move into the new design and possibly soon, the new domain, known as…
  • [2016 – Present] 3WIREL! moves forward with the plan by posting indepth reviews, articles and many other things around the clock, about the relam of video games, we are just getting started..

This was a short history of how we started our website.