Check out the streams! (Sonic Team live streaming) [Update: No new game for Sonic series announced..]

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Update: No new game for Sonic series announced..
A new Puyo Puyo was announced. and the stream is done 🙂

Via: – Livestream Link:
Sonic the Hedgehog (character)

Wondering if a new game ever going to come?
Well, you are in luck then, Sonic Team will be making several things done at a Feb 3 live streaming as in the Groundhog day, a tradition that SEGA always kept on for announcing new games and things.
The staff members joining the Puyo-Puyo team are as follows.
Tadashi Takezaki/SEGA
Takashi Iizuka/Producer
Jun Senoue/Sound Dilector
Kazuyuki Hoshino/Art Director

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