3WORLD! Update // Changelog (18/7/2013)


Hi, I have been making some changes that improve the website’s speed and usability..
They are:

– Social links are now available on any profile to be filled, if you filled for example, Twitter, it will now show your username of twitter provided with a link to the profile name.

– Publicize extension (Web admin users know this) is now disabled for solving site downtimes, and has been replaced with IFTTT.COM, which can provide a better way to publicize every post from the site to the social networks, such as tumblr.

– Points and rank now show up on profiles, and comments, but not about author when viewing posts. (Same goes for social links)

– Possibility of creating a page explaining each achieved points, and what they mean, and usage of points, etc. (In addition of explaining ranks, unrelated to user role)

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