Wonder why GTA V leaked? Blame French retailers..

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If you have been wandering to many gaming news websites like IGN, NeoGAF, and such these sites have been telling you that there are spoilers about GTA V, it is because the game has been literally released by a broken street release date, by french retailers this time (a week ahead of official release)
I can’t tell you where to find them, or even find the game’s files (That’s illegal), but i can tell you to find a thread with spoilers if you are inpatient, or really inpatient? Just try to find a store where it has broken the street release date (If your lucky, you will be able to play it offline, aside from occasional bans if played online)
So my take on this news? Avoid spoilers before official release date, or try to do what i mentioned, okay? ๐Ÿ™‚
This was discovered via Gimme Gimme Games, thought this news has been spreading like wild fire!
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