3WORLD! Changelog: (Major update)

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[agt]3WORLD! Changelog: (Major update)[/agt] – Status update poster is now being usable in every section of the website, in addition of being now equipped with tabbed widget that has additional tabs, such as a chatroom, and FAQ tab.
– It now supports last visit or latest posts notification bubble on the favicon of the website, with iOS styled numberic red dot.
– Search box has been moved into header, usable by mobile and tab/pc users now.
– Menu changes, now a new menu item for a new part of the site, Shows, can be 3rd party and directly from the creator of the website (Me!)
-Added ‘New post’ menu item for logged in users.
– ‘Auto Generate Title’ plugin source code has been now integrated into the site’s functions!
– (Previously said) Again, Avatar of logged in users can now be also viewed on the navigation bar.

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