3WORLD! is now _(kind of)_ navigable via keyboard without a mouse

[agt]3WORLD! is now _(kind of)_ navigable via keyboard without a mouse[/agt] (If you don’t like using a mouse..)

  • Left or Right goes to the next/previous post/page.
  • Up and Down is basically navigating the page
  • You are able to use tab and enter to be promoted with default shortcuts provided by WordPress CMS
  • If you are in the frontpage, archive, or in a user profile/author page, you can type the number of the page you want to view, if you dislike using the infinite scroll, literally without using a textbox!

That’s all for now!
Next few days in February, you will see more news about our new mascot character, Mecoy the Ferret, and the upcoming flagship FPS, GINE!

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