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We need new people around here, in order to make changes and also get some more experienced people that will help us establish the website, and the upcoming FPS Multiplayer game exclusive to 3WORLD!, #GINEfps
Currently at this time, we are not paying those participating because of budget and money constraints and restrictions, and that 3WORLD! is being ran based on hobby time, without the need for money (Will be later, if possible)
• Professional, concise, and error-free articles (They can be short articles too) that gets to the point, does not confuse anybody reading.
• Experience and association with at least one owned or enrolled website that you may have written for as a Author, contributor, or as a editor
• Write at least 2 articles daily about the most important and trending gaming news that goes around the weekday (2 for one day if on the weekend)
So, it is not just about simply as registering a new account, but also about contacting us via PM or http://3world.lostsig.com/contact page in order to make you a verified Author/Writer and start your writing career.

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