Doom at QuakeCon: To be revealed or not to be!

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Impressions from DoomWorld (there are many more, but I think this one is long yet short and self-explanatory)

Ok, just saw it at Quakecon.
They talked about how fast it was going to be and then talked about all the classic enemies. They even showed all the old sprites of the demons, all looking forward. I was so pumped about it, hoping they would all look like the old school characters.
They showed a lot of gameplay and it reminded me of Doom 3. Sorry but all of the demons look more like the Doom 3 versions and way too similar to each other. They also do not make individual noises like they did in Doom 2. I could not even tell what was what besides for Revenant and Mancubus. They were done ok. Cyberdemon was cool but the old school version just looks meaner IMO. 
There is a lot of gore and ripping apart enemies but they just look too much like Doom 3 to me.
The weapons are pretty good overall, double barrel, plasma, and chainsaw were shown. A couple of rockets too. Some old sound effects were redone and that was pretty good but they didn’t use them enough. 
The gameplay looked too slow and there was WAY too much atmosphere like Doom3.
More later but I was let down overall. 🙁
And yet they went heyday and tried to fool those who did not attend the event about this announcement..

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