Mega Man 2017 Cartoon Detailed

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Mega Man is a classic gaming IP that has numerous incarnations and sub-series. They all offered something different to the table and made things quite interesting for the franchise as a whole. So, having a cartoon that is trying to do its own thing with the IP should be expected, not a shocker.
Press Release Follows: “Dentsu Entertainment USA and DHX Media have struck a global deal to develop, co-produce, distribute and jointly manage licensing for the new Mega Man animated series which was originally announced last summer. Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, Generator Rex, Big Hero 6) is executive producing the series that’s based on the classic video game franchise.”
MEGA MAN -- Reveal
One interesting thing about this news is that Mega Man has a different name compared to other incarnations (Aki instead of Rock or Mega) and that he has a dual life; he is a normal boy in school but he puts on his ‘Mega Man’ armor when he has to fight. Considering Man of Action’s past work, this could function a bit like Ben 10. He also worked on a show called ‘Generator Rex’ and that has a lot of influences from the Mega Man series. So there is reason to be excited about his new show.
The cartoon is set to release in 2017 in time for the series anniversary and we will cover more as the story develops.

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