Warped Metaverse – PS Vita Screenshots Released & Game Explained by Developer

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We covered game called ‘Warped: Metaverse’ by both interviewing the developer and covering it’s teaser trailer that released most recently. But that was running on a Mid-Ranged PC, so how does the Vita version fare?
The developer was able to share three Vita screenshots and explained how they got the Vita version to run on the platform. It looks great, with lots of effects, detail and vivid colors on display across all three of the released screen shots. I am honestly really impressed with this, as these screenshots only came out recently, not that long after the teaser trailer. It shows a level of respect to the Vita audience, ensuring they will be getting a great version of this promising title.
We will learn more about Warped: Metaverse in 2017, so stay tuned to 3WIREL for more updates and information.

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