Sonic Heroes Celebrates 13th Anniversary!

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Sonic Heroes is an important game in Sonic’s history, as it was the first multi-platform game in the series after SEGA left the console market. It was a game I really enjoyed and felt did a lot right. I will celebrate this title by sharing what I wrote about the game earlier this year on this site!

Like his home company of SEGA, Sonic was scratching his head after the demise of the Dreamcast. Sure, he shook Mario’s hand and rolled through his two Dreamcast adventures again on the GameCube to get some footing but now he had to go on a brand new journey, but this time, across the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation. The later, was the platform that killed the Dreamcast in some respects.
To make this big move work, SEGA and Sonic Team USA decided to re-introduce Sonic to all gamers and to do this, they went back to the roots. By using the core Adventure gameplay style (Sonic’s gameplay) but blending it with some team mechanics and the visual design & simplicity of the Genesis Era Sonics, we got Sonic Heroes.
I enjoyed Sonic Heroes a lot and its one of my favorite Sonic ventures I experienced both past and present. It does a lot right, with it more or less being a Genesis-flavored Adventure game. Seeing the iconic Green Hills and some Sonic 2 & 3 tropes used in really creative ways here was great.

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