Skylanders Imaginators – Nintendo Switch Gameplay & Version Differences

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Skylanders is a series that was rumored to be ending soon, but that isn’t stopping Activision from bringing the series to Nintendo’s newest handheld/console! Imaginators will see release on the Switch during it’s launch and the game has some interesting features. One thing worth noting is that the game has a special Skylander Library, where after scanning your heroes into the game, you can just press some buttons to switch between different characters.
This heavily mirrors how the 3DS versions of Spyro’s Adventure, Giants, SWAP Force and Trap Team worked, making me think Vicarious Visions is behind this Switch port. With over 500+ Skylanders to scan in and support for guest characters (Crash, Cortex, Donkey Kong, Bowser) present in this version, it’s likely the best version of the game if you enjoy portable gaming.
Based on gameplay footage, it seems to be based off the Wii U version of Imaginators graphically but we will know for sure closer to launch. It’s great seeing Activision have a major family-friendly IP ready for launch and we will report more on this release soon. Also worth noting that new Skylanders and a Level Pack is set for release close to the Switch launch as well.
If you are on the fence about this series, consider reading my review on SWAP-Force.

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    1. I’m not sure, as you need the right joy con to scan in the Skylanders. Most likely you can use two joy cons for co-op action but not 100% sure.

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